Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Night Sweats

 Since Mio was born I've been waking at night covered in sweat. Dave even woke up one night and his back was covered in sweat from me hugging him- he gave up on sleeping in the same bed that night and opted for the couch (waking up covered in someone else's sweat can't be nice. I assumed it was because I was safely snuggled between two people and sleeping that close to Dave and Mio was just making me hot. I was reading up on postpartum herbs and found some information on night sweats. Suddenly it all made so much sense! The sweating is caused by a change in hormones after giving birth as well as the body trying to rid itself of all those extra fluids. I never experienced night sweats after giving birth to India so it's been a whole new experience. Usually the sweating continues for a few weeks after giving birth so probably in the next week or two they should die down.

Ginger tea is good for night sweats and it's important to keep drinking lots of fluid throughout the day. I keep water beside my bed so I can have a few sips through the night when I wake to feed Mio, and I take my drink bottle everywhere with me.
I'm looking forward to a nice warming cup of ginger tea before bed every night, the spicy warmth is bound to  make me feel good on these cold Melbourne winter nights.

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