Monday, 14 October 2013


I was recently given a whole lot of yarn from my mum who because of an injury can no longer knit or crochet. I find yarn incredibly inspiring so I was excited to get started on creating a few new things.

I decided to try my hand at making a doily without a pattern. It was a great little project for the train ride to and from school and when I had a few spare moments at home. When it was finished (it worked up pretty quickly) I sewed it onto a shirt I found in an op-shop for $2. It's a great way to add feminine touch to some clothing.

Now that the weather is warmer and the washing doesn't take two days to dry inside I've decided to start elimination communication with Mio. I've noticed for a while her cues when she needs to wee or poo but being a Winter baby she needed layers of clothing to survive our cold house- not the ideal thing when you are learning your baby's toilet cues. So now that it's warmer and we can forgo the many layers of wool (well most of the time anyway, Melbourne can be a bit moody) we need a whole lot of little baby knickers. Of course I am keen to make whatever I can rather than buying it so I quickly thought up a few ideas and set to work. Here's one I crocheted quickly in one evening, my design still needs tweaking but I'm pretty happy with it. It could probably function as a nappy cover for a new born as well so the design potentially has long term use. I used painted and engraved coconut shell beads and some left over cotton I had from making India's doll.

Making daily trips to and from school means that I have a few short periods where I can sit and enjoy my baby or if she's sleeping and I feel like I need to be doing something I can do some work on a small knitting or crochet project. This bonnet crocheted up pretty quickly and is great for a bit of extra warmth on cold Spring mornings or for protection from the warm sun in the middle of the day. I made it from some gorgeous organic cotton yarn which was so beautiful to work with.

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