Monday, 28 October 2013

Knit, Sew, Crochet

At the moment it seems I have an endless list of ideas and projects on the go but over the past few days I seem to have put the finishing touches on a few things I've been working on. There's nothing like freeing up some mental space for new ideas.

The most recent additions to Mio's wardrobe include a beautiful pale blue pinafore that will allow Mio to grow into it turning it from a pinafore into a lovely top. I designed it so she will hopefully have several months of wear out of it which is always a bonus.

After working on a prototype and sourcing materials for an idea that popped into my head while I lay half asleep one night, I completed some gorgeous baby knickers for our adventures with elimination communication.

Mio's new top has a stretchy garter stitch section at the top which gives plenty of room for her chest to grow. I really love the delicate dot stitch for the body, it gives the pinafore a pretty, feminine touch. Garter stitch also makes for great edging on the sleeves and around the bottom of the top.

As you can see it passes the baby taste test. It's made with a soy/ cotton blend so it's super soft on baby's skin.

I made a nice wide opening at the back so it's easy to get on and off, and I fastened it with a shell button. 

Dot stitch and garter detail.

Neckline detail.

I'm a fan of wide sleeves, they go so well with this pinafore... And look, she's sitting already at 4 months, my how fast they grow! 

... And here are the baby knickers.

I'm really happy with how these knickers turned out, it was exactly what I had in my head, I even managed to find the fabric I imagined.

I lined the knickers with waterproof bamboo fleece so it's extra soft for her little bottom.

I blanket stitched the top of the knickers and then crochet a band with a draw string to hold them up.

Because the knickers are made from woven fabric I made sure they would be a bit roomy so they would be easy to get on and off.

no bulky nappy means she has easy access to her feet- her favorite play thing. 

I like the wide band at the top, it's made from recycled denim yarn.

These knickers are great for elimination communication, I'll be making some more of these for now and as she grows.

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  1. wow! so beautiful- you are so very talented!