Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Olive Leaf Extract

I've known about the wonders of olive leaf extract for quite some time now but I was just reminded again how amazing it really is.

We had been out of olive leaf extract for some time and my 6-year-old had a snotty nose that wouldn't clear up for about three weeks. She had also developed for the first time in her life a little spot of eczema near her mouth, it didn't seem to bother her and I was reluctant to get any chemicals from the pharmacy so I just made sure she kept it clean and hoped it would clear up. Finally, frustrated with telling her to blow her nose all the time I went to get some olive leaf extract again, and she started taking it once or twice a day. By the 3rd day I noticed that I hadn't really asked her to blow her nose at all and the spot of eczema near her mouth had completely healed. It seems that for whatever reason her immune system needed a boost and lots of fruit and veg and whole foods just wasn't doing the trick. Her body just needed something extra, something with amazing healing capabilities.

I've always believed that eczema is a symptom of something larger and this proved to me the importance of nutrition and boosting the immune system in order to overcome any health problems.

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