Saturday, 8 February 2014

Immortalising Children's Art

There is nothing quite like seeing your child draw a picture. As my daughter grows I love seeing her style change and skills grow. If your place is anything like ours then you will have a thousand art books and pieces of paper filed away because they art too amazing to throw out. Some of her pictures really grab me and I've taken to turning some of them into relief prints so that we can print her designs onto cards and clothing. Here's a few things we've created...

A tortoise print on a card finished with water colour.

A tortoise print made into a library bag for India

Robot print on a t-shirt

Sleepy Mio sporting an organic cotton singlet with her big sister's fox print.

An organic cotton t-shirt for a friend's little boy.

This is my home studio- the kitchen table. I call this operation t-shirt station.

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