Sunday, 2 March 2014

Knit Striped Three Quarter Tights

Ah, bless the changing seasons and the fact that I have a growing baby that needs new clothes, it means that I get to create a whole lot of new clothes for Miss Mio.

I'm trying to spend less at the yarn shop and use up some of my growing stash so I whipped up a quick pair of tights with some worsted weight yarn I had on hand. My intention was to make longer pants with legs that were a little baggier but my yarn ran out and because I wasn't using a pattern the legs turned out more like tights than pants. But to be honest I'm really happy with how they turned out in every respect, they are perfect for this Autumn weather.

Nice wide waist band for comfort.

I've never written out a pattern before but because these were so easy I thought I'd give it a shot.

Size 9 months

Gauge 18 stitches x 25 rows = 10cm  (I used worsted weight wool with 4mm needles but I tend to knit loose)

Using two colours you will need a 100g ball of each.

k- knit
p- purl
m1- make one stitch (I use the make 1 left/right but you can make a stitch any way that's easy for you)
pm- place marker
sm- slip marker

Cast on 84 stitches and join to work in rounds.

Work in k2 p2 rib for 18 rounds in colour A

Change to colour B and work 9 rounds in stockinette stitch

Change to colour A and work 9 rounds in stockinette stitch

Work two more stripe bands in colour pattern

Working the gusset:
round 1- Using colour B knit one round
round 2- k2, m1, pm, k38, pm, m1, k4, m1, pm, k38, pm, m1, k2
round 3- knit
round 4- *knit to marker m1, sm, knit to next marker, sm, m1* repeat* knit to end of round.
round 5- knit
round 6- repeat round 4
round 7- knit
round 8- repeat round 4

Cut yarn.

Transfer 38 leg stitches to stitch holder.

Graft the 10 gusset stitches together using kitchner stitch.

With the remaining 38 stitches on the needles pick up 4 stitches across the crotch with colour B. Knit one round.

Change to colour A. Knit 9 rounds

Change to colour B. Knit 9 rounds

Knit in pattern for 2 more stripes (you will now have 4 stripe bands on the leg)

Cast off using a stretchy cast off. Cut the yarn long.

Fold the last stripe section inside the pants and stitch it down for a thick and neat cuff.

Second leg:
Transfer stitches to needle and pick up 4 stitches along crotch using colour B. Knit one round.
Repeat stripe pattern and finish as for the first leg.

Fold the waist band in half and stitch it along the inside of the pants leaving a small gap to insert elastic. insert and adjust elastic to fit baby, sew elastic together and stitch the hold in the waist band closed.

Sew in loose threads and the tights are ready to wear!

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  1. These are gorgeous! What a fab way to bust your stash. I'm sorely tempted to add these to my crafting wishlist and rustle some up for Little R. If only my crafting wishlist weren't so insanely long...