Thursday, 19 June 2014

India's Red Cape

India has officially declared that she doesn't like any of the clothes I make. 'But what about your red cape?' I asked. 'Oh except for that, I like that' she replies. I was slightly disheartened when she told me that she didn't want me to make things for her anymore but she has since asked me if I can make her a long sleeve dress so I think I'll be able to sneak a few more of my handmade things into her wardrobe over the coming months and years. On another positive note having me make less clothes for her means she will have to make more clothes herself which is a great way to take control of your own style and fall in love with creating.

My sewing machine stopped working mid project which meant that I had a half finished cape sitting around for 2 months while my machine was getting a total makeover. The wait was frustrating but oh my is it a dream to use now!

I picked up the fabric on sale when the Lincraft in Melbourne CBD was closing down so I didn't quite get as much fabric as I would have liked but I think the cape turned out nicely. I also came across a shop in Northcote selling hand made wood buttons which turned out to be perfect and I probably would not have found them for this project if it wasn't for my machine being in the workshop for so long so everything worked out perfectly in the end.

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