Tuesday, 15 July 2014

365 Handstands- Day 365

I made it! 365 days and 365 handstands. The thing that amazes me most is that Mio was just 6 weeks old when I started and she has been with me through this whole learning experience.
I feel like I've come a long way in my yoga practice but yoga is just that- practice, so there have been days when I've struggled to find balance and days when I've been so exhausted but I have always felt better for actually making the effort to be upside down.
One of the biggest challenges actually was taking the photo every day, there were plenty of impromptu handstands but getting that camera out on some days was more effort than the actual handstand.
Now that this little photo a day and handstand a day challenge has reached my goal I'm planning on starting a new yoga challenge but I might skip the photo thing and focus all my attention inwards. I'm planning on focusing on and working on some deep hip work and opening my hips. I hold a lot of tension in my hips and while some days my hips, psoas, thighs and buttocks feel quite open and I can get my splits to the ground, on other days it's not even close.  
Handstands are so much a part of my life now and I definitely see them being a part of my daily life, I'm looking forward to the continual journey and getting stronger and more balanced.

Day 365

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