Monday, 6 July 2015

Playing with Spices

Cooking is one of the most valuable skills you can pass on to your children. Introducing kids to a variety of different foods and helping them to understand how to use them from a young age will help to ensure that children grow up with a healthy relationship with food.
As an important part of my children's food education I want them to grow up knowing how to use spices and to be confident with experimenting with them in their cooking. Spices add so much to food, not only do they make food delicious and exciting, they also add a valuable set of nutrients that have long been proven to have wonderful nutritive and healing potential.
Cold rainy days provide the perfect opportunity to get into some creative play in the kitchen so we pulled a bunch of spices out and got our noses, eyes and fingers into some fun play.

Lots of different shapes and sizes.

Busy work.

Pouring and exploring.

A few of our spices.

And sometimes spices don't smell nice! (Though on second smell she thought the fenugreek was ok)

India and Mio both enjoyed our kitchen play and when we packed up India left the kitchen yelling "that was fun" as she ran off to play with something else.

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