Wednesday, 30 January 2013

22 Weeks

Home again! The past month has been very busy, my trip to Brisbane and our honeymoon in Spain has kept me busy. It's great to be back home again and I'm very excited to get into some more time alone with my baby belly and focus on my yoga and meditation.

I've picked up my knitting needles again and have plans to make many more beautiful little baby clothes over the next few months.

The trip home from Spain was quite taxing on me. Our transfers were really quick- which is usually a good thing- and two of our flights were delayed after boarding which meant that we spent a couple of extra hours sitting on a plane than we should have and I had no time to stretch  my legs after each flight. I tried my best to get up and stretch my legs and move around but I still had a bit of fluid retention by the end of our trip. I tried leaving it for a couple of days and making sure I included plenty of inversions in my yoga routine as well as drinking lots of water to flush out my kidneys but my legs still felt tight and uncomfortable so I started taking some herbs mum gave me. The herbs along with the extra calcium and magnesium I have been having solved the problem and after a few days of rest I feel back to normal again.

Since we got back from Spain India has been showering my belly with kisses. She's belly height on me so I get lots of cuddles and kisses.

My belly is getting so big, I don't think I noticed how round it's looking under all the layers of clothing I had on in Spain. My little baby is so wriggly and the kicks are quite strong these days. This little one is about 27cm long now and getting chubbier. Developing nerve endings in the fingertips makes for increased sense of touch and helps the little one to explore his/her surroundings. Interestingly, although he/she is growing hair it lacks pigment at this point.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

21 Weeks

It's been another beautiful week in Spain. The cool weather has been a blessing but I'm looking forward to going home again. Dave and I are both missing our little girl like crazy, 2 weeks is such a long time to be away from her.

We've been busy exploring and making the most of this lovely city. We've had some lovely evenings snuggled up with Dave's hand on my belly feeling our baby moving around. I can't wait until India can feel the baby moving.

The baby's link beween brain and spinal cord is maturing meaning the baby is becoming capable of recognising warmth and pain and can even jump at a sudden loud sound. The baby now measures about 25cm from crown to toe. The planceta is now processing about 1 litre of blood/hour. So much growing!

Handstands in Madrid!

20 Weeks

It's been a big week in Spain this week. It took me a few days to get used to the time difference so I was sleeping and eating all day and night but Dave and I have been busy exploring and enjoying some alone time together. I miss India a lot but she's been spending some quality time with Grandma so it's been a bit a holiday for us all.

The cold weather has made being pregnant so much easier. I don't get tired as easily and can spend the day walking around without feeling heavy and hot. It will be nice when Autumn in Melbourne comes.

Our little baby has been very active and Dave has been feeling the baby move more which is really exciting. Usually I feel all the kicks down quite low in my uterus so I think the placenta must be up the top somewhere. Yesterday I felt some kicks at the side of my belly near the top so the little one must have done a flip and found a new comfy spot.

Our little baby is already about 16cm long for crown to rump and getting bigger everyday.

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

19 Weeks

Another busy week this week getting ready for Spain. 2 weeks away from India will be hard and I will miss her a lot but I'm looking forward to travelling with Dave. I'm a little nervous about finding food I can eat while in transit but I've stocked up on some good snacks so hopefully it will get me through.

I woke up with a leg cramp the other day. Very painful and totally unexpected. I never experienced anything like that when I was pregnant with India, my guess is that the heat is making everything a little more challenging for my body.

Our little baby is about 15cm long now. His/Her arms and legs are in the right proportion with the body now. I'm so close to half way already, where has the time gone?

Friday, 4 January 2013

18 Weeks

What a great week this has been! Beautiful friends, beautiful QLD weather, lots of reflection time...
I'm missing my family like crazy now but I'm enjoying spending time alone with my belly.

I've been eating lots and eat well, and I haven't been craving anything so I think paying extra attention to regular snacks and meals has helped.

I can feel my little one moving around all the time now and he/she is getting bigger and is now about 14cm long. It's such a beautiful feeling having a little baby kicking around in my belly again.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Happy New Year!

Hello 2013! This is going to be a big year, with India starting school, welcoming a new baby, celebrating our 1st wedding anniversary, going to Spain and many other things to look forward to I'm excited for the coming weeks and months.

I feel so lucky to be growing a little baby, I wonder what things will be like 12 months from now.