Friday, 30 January 2015

Family Yoga

Yoga with children is about exploring movement, looking inward and having lots of fun. As a busy mama I struggle to find large chunks of time for yoga practice so much of the practice I do is spread out through the day and incorporates my children. We go to the park regularly to play and practice yoga and I always manage to fit in some handstands in the kitchen

Thursday, 29 January 2015

Summer Time Yoga

I love practicing yoga in the park on beautiful Summer days. The more I practice yoga the more passionate I become with sharing yoga with my children and falling deeper into my practice.

Thursday, 1 January 2015

Welcoming 2015

And so we begin another year. I'm not really one to get caught up in new years resolutions but it's hard not to bring in the new year reflecting on what the past year has brought and our dreams for the year to come. 2014 brought so much growth and learning for me and the whole year has been a powerful healing journey on a physical level. Just over a year ago when I finally discovered my digestive problems were caused from low stomach acid I was able to begin the slow process of healing the issue as well as the secondary issues that stemmed from it. I'm pleased to say that I'm nearly 100% healed and so much wiser and healthier from all the hours of research I've done over the past 12 months. It's so true that what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. I look forward to sharing the full story with you in the coming months.
Last night I contemplated what it is that I need from this new year and realised that I really need to make more time for myself. With two children and a hardworking, passionate and creative husband I often find myself pushing my needs aside in order to meet everyone else's- and I'm sure a lot of mothers out there can relate to this as well- so I have resolved to make sure I carve out some time every day just for myself. Late last night I decided that what I wanted more than anything was to bring in the new year by rising with the sun and practicing yoga in the park alone! After breastfeeding Mio and quietly sneaking out of bed at 6am I managed to sneak off in the surprisingly chilly first light of dawn to the park. My morning practice was perfect and I even managed to snap a few pictures for my every increasing archive.
In addition to making more time for myself I feel like my yoga practice needs to step up a level, I feel like I need a bit more focus in my personal practice so I've decided my two focus areas for the coming months are developing core strength and working on heart opening back bends.
So here's to the year ahead, I'm looking forward to the challenges and breakthroughs that this year will bring.

A beautiful gentle stretch for the hips and lower back


I came to love Malasana in my first pregnancy, at first it was challenging but over time my hips opened up and now I love hanging out in a low squat. 

I've always struggled with heart opening back bends but slowly I'm coming to really enjoy the surrendering it requires.

blissing out in child's pose

these are some new favorite arm balances that I'm been playing with a lot lately

A beautiful side stretch

a great chest and upper back opener

low lunge

Flying in locust

I still have a long way to go in firefly but I'm loving the process and I feel it's important to document the progression rather than simply showing impressive looking asana.

I love plank pose and it's one that I will be focusing on in my core work over the coming months.

My hips have a tendency to get tight so I try to include lots of lunges in my practice to help keep them open. 

There's something about side crow that  is so beautifully graceful (and it's also a great workout for the core muscles)

I also tend towards tightness in my shoulders so I love  practicing threading the needle as a gentle way to release tension.

I love the graceful power of warrior II

tuck handstand, holding this pose is great for building core strength and balance

downward dog variation