Wednesday, 27 February 2013


Pregancy is a time of change and growth. As your belly grows and body changes it's really important to surrender and accept the changes you are going through.
As a yogi I have learned to accept and embrace the changes I am going through both physically and mentally over the past 6 months. There are many asana that I love to practice but are unsuitable for my pregnant body and I have found it helpful to remember that not everything lasts forever and change is inevitable. Yoga is a practice which means that every day we will face new challenges whether we are pregnant or not. This also goes outside the practice of yoga, I remember the days when I could lie on my back and fit into all my clothes but I know that all too soon I willbe doing that again and remembering the beautiful time that is now. When we are pregnant we are not ourselves, we are more than ourselves and as the days and weeks fly by I cherish every moment because lovingly bringing new life into the world is the most amazing thing I will ever do.

So here's a reminder to myself and to everyone out there that acceptance of ourselves in all stages of our life is so important and that without it we will never truely be at peace within our bodies.

26 Weeks

We spent a few days in Adelaide this week. I went to the beach and enjoyed the beautiful ocean and did a little bit of skateboarding. I hung out with some friends and had a beautiful time.

I have done so much travelling so far this pregnancy, it might be nice to spend the last few few months being a homebody!

Rain and cooler weather has made any fluid retention completely disappear. I knew it was the heat that was causing annoying problems.

It seems that I'm having Braxton Hicks contractions daily now.

My little baby is about 35cm now from head to toe and is around 760g. His/her eyes are starting to open now. All five senses are now developed.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

25 Weeks

The heat is exhausting (of course) but I'm enjoying my big round belly. I'm settling into this stay at home mum thing and I enjoy taking India to school (and the few hours of alone time with baby that I get).

India is so affectionate with my belly, I get so many kisses, hugs and belly rubs. She's such a beautiful little girl. 

I've been getting a lot of noticeable (and sometimes exhausting) Braxton Hicks contractions over the past month- all a good sign that my body is getting ready for the birth.

When The baby lies with his/her back close to my skin I give my baby a little massage and we have a nice little moment together.  

This little baby has definitely been responding to loud music, I get so many kicks when there's music playing so now is the time to season this baby to good music. The baby enjoyed hearing Godspeed when Dave and I went to see them play and also enjoys Dave's band practice.

The baby's nostrils are now open and he/she is slowly putting on more fat. 

Here's my new recycled sari that I received in the mail, I'm going to use it as a beautiful baby wrap. 

Thursday, 14 February 2013

Henna Bellies

India and I had some henna fun a couple of weeks ago. It was the perfect way to have a bit of mother-daughter time.
The baby moved around the whole time I was putting henna on my belly, the one-on-one time with my baby was pretty special. when I had finished my belly India insisted she would be able to keep still long enough for me to put a design on her belly, she did really well and felt very lucky that we had matching henna.

24 Weeks

It seems that every week I seem to get busier. With Dave at Tafe and India at school you would think that I have time to put my feet up and enjoy some quiet time but I've been really busy with doing art, gardening, knitting, and all the general organising and taking care of things. Dave has been super busy this week as well with art so we have both been running around like crazy trying to get things done.

On school mornings I get up at 6.30am so that I can get some yoga in before the day gets too hectic. I really enjoy the quiet mornings when Dave and India are still asleep and the sun is just coming up, it's such a peaceful way to start the day.

I've been getting leg cramps at night despite my best efforts to make sure I'm having plenty of calcium, magnesium and potassium. I've also been getting fluid retention when the temperature changes or when I've been sitting down for a while which I've been trying to resolve by making sure I drink loads of water (about 2.5 litres a day) and including lots of inversions in my yoga practice. I feel that both the cramps and the fluid retention have something to do with the heat and hopefully if I keep eating well and taking supplements when I need to things will improve when Autumn comes.

Our little baby is now about 30cm long from head to toe and weighs about 600 grams. The baby's inner ear is now fully developed meaning he/she has a sense of balance and knows the difference between being upside-down and right way up.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

23 Weeks

India finally felt the baby move on Sunday. Her face lit up and she was so happy, it was really beautiful.

I've been busy doing lots of knitting. I just got some beautiful organic cotton yarn in the mail and I've started knitting some gorgeous clothes. There are also a lot of things I want to make for myself and India so I think I will be very busy over these next few months.

India started school on Monday, I felt very lost after dropping her off and coming home alone. As much as I miss her I think it will be nice to spend some quality time with my belly before this little one comes out into the world.

Our little one weighs around 500g now and is about 29cm from head to toe.