Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Two Weeks

I've been a new mumma again for two weeks, time really does go fast. I'm feeling good, even got out for a quick skate the other day. I'm still remembering to take things easy and I try to have a little nap with Mio every day.
I've stopped bleeding which means my body is recovering nicely. My pelvic floor muscles feel strong and my belly is slowly returning to it's pre-pregnancy state.
My milk supply is going pretty crazy, when my let down reflex kicks in it's all a bit much for Mio. My boobs leak quite a bit now and the breast pads I made have proven themselves very useful.
I've started to do a bit of yoga again- just gentle forward bends and twists as well as a few shoulder and chest opening movements to make sure I don't get too stiff from breastfeeding and carrying a baby around all day. I've also been making sure to practice my pelvic floor exercises to make sure those muscles stay strong. I'm looking forward to getting back into a more regular and longer practice but it's important to give my body time to recover before I rush into things. This is the perfect time for me to practice pranayama and meditation though so I've been trying to focus on that in my spare moments.

I've been trying to work out how to get meals cooked when Dave isn't around. He's been out of the house all day a few times which means I need to make sure India and I have good food to eat. I've discovered that soups and stews are the easiest thing for me to make and I can get things organised by cutting up the vegetables in the morning or though the day and have them in a pot in the fridge ready to cook at dinner time. Not having family around to help out with this kind of thing has been a challenge but we are managing and it really helps to have a super helpful 5-year-old that loves cooking.

Mio is such an easy baby, she sleeps at night, only waking to feed a few times and goes straight back to sleep. She doesn't cry and she likes nappy changes. I can already see her growing and changing, she's waking up to the world and staying awake for longer periods.

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