Thursday, 5 June 2014

Mio Turns One

Oh my how this year has flown by, it has been a whole year since I gave birth to my little peace baby. This past year has been so blissful, I'm so lucky to have such a placid, peaceful little girl in my life. Mio's been starting to show her cheeky side and is giving India a run for her money with all the cheeky faces she pulls. She's so chatty and smiley and every day it's a blessing to wake up next to her. She is absolutely the easiest baby to take care of, teething doesn't bother her which is wonderful for all of us.
Pottying is fun and we get most poos on the potty and some wees but with busy days, cool weather and an already ridiculous amount of washing I like to keep her in nappies. It would be lovely if I had nothing to do so I could get up through the night to take her to the toilet and have long rests with her through the day to catch up on sleep but life is so full these days which means elimination communication is much easier if we practice part time.

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