Tuesday, 16 July 2013


So now that we've hit the six week mark and I've recovered from my chest infection I was very keen to get back into yoga again. I'm aware that my practice will change considerably from my prenatal months and it's important to embrace this change. Postnatal yoga provides the perfect opportunity to bring yoga into all aspects of your daily life. In the weeks since the birth I have focused on my breathing and being calm and centred as I know this has a positive impact on my baby (and myself). When practicing yoga with a baby around, it's important to let go of all your attachments to what your yoga practice was before your baby was born. Chances are, you will not be able to enjoy an extended period of time interruption free. Your practice can be spread throughout the day whenever you have a few minutes to spare, it won't be what you were used to doing but it will help you to live and breathe yoga away from the confines of the yoga mat.

I'm a bit of an inversion junkie so I was very excited to be upside-down again. Mio happily lay beside me on her blanket while I explored what it's like to be upside-down without a baby in my belly again.

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