Thursday, 16 January 2014

Elimination Communication Through the Night

 At home I like to practice elimination communication with Mio, I like that I can understand her when she's telling me she needs to go to the toilet. Early on in this journey I discovered that she doesn't wee in her sleep, she always wakes up when she needs to go to the toilet so on the nights when I'm not completely exhausted and I haven't stayed up too late I let Mio sleep without a nappy and have the potty beside the bed for when she needs to go through the night. I've been through nights where I've taken her to the toilet half the night and been too tired for the rest of the night. And nights where I've put a nappy on just in case I can't wake up. There's been plenty of nights when I've just been too tired to manage it and nights when she's slept naked next to me the whole night and stayed dry.

With Melbourne experiencing a heat wave at the moment it's way too hot to be sleeping with clothes on. Mio has been spending most of the day naked in front of the fan and I've been taking her to the toilet through the night so she can enjoy the beauty of being naked in this heat.

Last night she didn't get to sleep until midnight because it was just too hot. I was exhausted from being so close to another person all day in this heat so I was happy when she finally drifted off to sleep. I watched her beautiful naked sleeping little body and was so happy that we have been able to practice elimination communication together.

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