Wednesday, 31 October 2012

9 Weeks

The days and weeks seem to be flying by, I'm 9 weeks already!

I'm feeling less tired and nauseous over the past few days. I still need an afternoon rest most days and eating can be difficult sometimes but for the most part I feel really good. The herbs my Chinese doctor gave me for fatigue are really helping and the acupuncture has done wonders.

In my quiet moments alone with my baby I can feel movements, little tumbles and bumps. Most will say it's too early to feel movement but I've been pregnant before and I know the difference between the movements of digestion and the movements of a baby.

I'm enjoying my gorgeous round belly, I feel so full and happy. I've been getting some occasional lower back pain, nothing too bad and nothing a bit of yoga can't fix.

My two favorite smells at the moment are cola and Vegemite. It's a pity I can't have either of them! I might have to invest in some gluten free Vegemite substitute and some caffeine free organic cola.

I had another dream about giving birth, it was calm and quiet with no noticeable contractions. In my dream I woke to find the baby already crowing. Dave was downstairs and I really wanted India to be there to see it so I didn't send her to get him. The baby came out quickly and there was no crying as she took in her new world. She looked just like India.

The little baby is the size of an olive now. I'm so excited, everything is just perfect.

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